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Amazon Assistant is an app and browser extension that lets you compare Amazon prices with listed prices from competing online retailers. Amazon Assistant also lets you access your Amazon Lists from anywhere and track the prices of online items.

Rey Hernandez mentioned in a review, "Unless permissions are granted for Amazon's assistant you will not be able to use this app at all. I 've tried to give the permissions and I reached a deaf end where there are no buttons to give the access. This was too much time wasted, so much time I forgot what I wanted to purchase. Not a friendly, not easy to open, use of it is conditioned by Amazon assistant and if you don't mind the assistant it is just not possible to give the permission, feels like you must know where to click to advance."


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Patt says

"sucks the big one - impossible to browse or show any interest in any item - slides out into the browser window - disrupts your concentration, you close it, it opens, you down size it, it pops up. You disable pop-ups, doesn\'t matter. Can\'t be found in your PC applications, or your browser extensions. Amazon help doesn\'t know how to get rid of it get passed around like a dead fish, and then...after hours or trying and being told the same thing over and over again by non English speaking help - they just put you on hold and leave you there. Oh and then they tell you it\'s installed under a different name instead of giving you amazon assistant, it\'s called \'special offers\' - I am here to tell you NO, it\'s not! Enough already!!!! As of today, for every amazon assistant pop up, I will buy one less item from Amazon, as I usually get between 40-50 an hour, I\'ll never buy on Amazon again. "

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